The little Canadian cosmetics brand with a Big Heart 💗

The BHB Story

I'm Miranda, owner of Big Heart Beauty.  I have three little girls and I often think to myself how lucky I am to be able to provide everything they need to live a happy, healthy life.  I couldn’t imagine being one of the many mothers around the world who can’t afford a warm house, nice clothes, or even enough food for their kids to eat. 

That’s where Big Heart Beauty comes from. I decided to make charitable donation part of the mission of my business. I want to improve the lives of my customers by helping them to look and feel their best, but I am also committed to donating at least 10% of profits to children’s charities. My goal is to raise $5000 per year to give to various charities that I think are doing amazing things in the world.

BHB is about providing services with heart while also making a difference in lives around the world.