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Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts

There is no better way to feel like a million bucks than to have long, luscious lashes!  They can be either natural-looking or have tons of volume, but either way they will make your eyes look sexy and flirty with zero effort!  

Try Classic Lashes (one synthetic lash is glued to each lash) or Volume Lashes (2-4 synthetic lashes are glued onto each natural lash).  No matter which option you choose you get to come in and snuggle down for a lash nap in my comfy private room, while I take care of the rest!

Alternatively, I also offer lash lifts where we perm your natural lashes to curl upwards, making them appear longer.  We can also add in a tint at the same time so that they look darker at the same time.  This option is nice as there is less upkeep - the lift lasts until your lashes naturally shed, usually around 4-6 weeks.

Customer Review:

Miranda made my eyelashes look like I was a model  her professionalism and passion for her business is a ten out of ten. Highly recommend!

- Kim Avery